Black Portraitures II in Florence – May 28-May 31

Some will rush to the Venice Biennale, but Florence, this weekend, is where everyone should be! BLACK PORTRAITURES II! The gathering of hundreds will bring some of the most brilliant, avant-garde artists, writers, historians, performers, and scholars from around the world. As the organizers explain, “In this context, ‘Black Portraitures II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-staging Histories,’ explores the impulses, ideas, and techniques undergirding the production of self-representation and desire, and the exchange of the gaze from the 19th century to the present day in fashion, film, art, and the archives.” @BlackPortraits2

Out of Body: Composing Blackness

I’m thrilled–and humbled–to participate on the panel on Saturday, May 30, “OUT OF BODY: COMPOSING BLACKNESS THROUGH SOUND, MUSIC, AND (PERFORMANCE) ART,” with Jeff Rabhan, Matthew D. Morrison, Kwame Coleman, Courtney Bryan, and Imani Uzuri. My paper “Facing the Music: Radcliffe Bailey, Sun Ra, and the African Diasporic Body” will be just one iteration of how so many folks wrestle with the musical possibilities of black identity.

The Dark Room: Race and Visual Culture Faculty Seminar (@raceandvisual) will also be on hand with a special panel: BLACKNESS IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE: A DARK ROOM ROUNDTABLE

The Dark Room: Black Portraitures II

There are talented composers and performers on this panel.  I’ve been listening to Imani for the last couple of days to get my mind right. Hope it helps you get yours right, too. I can’t wait to meet Imani and so many others this weekend. Florence is calling…Venice will have to week…until next week.

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