Cuban cuisine: ¡Que sabrosa!

Ay, ¡que sabrosa! The food in Havana was truly delicious. I’m in the process of writing a review of the 11th Havana Bienniel for publication. Since it will be nearly impossible to “digest” all that I saw and experienced while in Cuba in a single post (I took over 1200 photos on my iPhone!), here are some photos just dealing with drinks and food!

I must first say that for the everyday Cuban, food is very expensive. We were told that on average, 70% of one’s salary goes toward food. Much of the food must be imported, but I did have friends who visited cooperative farms while in Cuba where they are producing more and more of the country’s produce at much lower prices. Nevertheless, if you’ve been to Miami or any other location with really good Cuban food, you know that there is so much to enjoy. They more than make do with what they have, they make magic!

When it comes to drinks, there are two things you need to know and taste in Cuba: café y ron!

Nothing kickstarts your day better than a hot cup of café cubano (Cuban espresso):

Café at La Villa Maria where I stayed in Vedado.

Roberto Fabelo’s homage to the Italian caffetteria, called La Cafedral, 2002-2003. Museo Nacional de las Bellas Artes, Habana, Cuba
My traveling companions, Salem and Lena, at our first Cuban meal in Vedado

Sipping on mojito at the VIP party at La Cabana while listening to a slammin’ band. Yep, THAT happened!
Lovely drinks to enjoy on the balcony of an Havana art collector, overlooking el Malecón
Art + Habana Club rum + new friends = slice of heaven

Now when it comes to food, there are two things you must remember: pork and seafood…ok…and tamales, flan, fruit, bread…just look at the pics!

My breakfast every morning at the house of Teresita Suarez, Vedado:

Artist Esterio Segura wacking a ripe mango from the tree within the courtyard of his studio:

VIP Party at the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, Havana:

Dona Eutimia, Old Havana – best food in Havana practically (and most affordable):

Cuban version of paella

Ah, seviche and all kinds of seafood at La Moraleja…

Our spread for our impromptu film screening at the house:

Fresh tamales made at the house by Doris:

We ran into Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at this cozy restaurant on our last night in Havana at Café Laurent:

Pescado con papas:

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  1. The food is the best part of traveling I have heard. All the pictures make me want to go to cuba. Do you have any photos of art works?

    1. If I could, I’d take some Wellesley students with me back to Cuba in a heartbeat! We’d eat, look at art, eat, look at more art…you get the idea. I plan to incorporate some of what I saw in the fall in my class on art of the African Diaspora.

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