Wellesley in Philly for Black Art Experience – Update

This is a long overdue update on my trip to Philadelphia with my Wellesley students on Friday, March 23, 2012.

The walking tour of Philadelphia was a true highlight! Joel Dankoff, architectural historian and Friends Central School high school history teacher (and my dear friend that graduated with me from Wesleyan University), guided us from our hotel, Alexander Inn on S. 12th & Spruce to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a nearly three hour and three mile tour of the city.



There was truly no better way to understand the history of the city of Philadelphia as we were able to go to the top floor of the historic PSFS Building, stand in the interior courtyard of City Hall, pose in Love Park, leading to a wonderful tour at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

City Hall on a beautiful day
Wellesley LOVES Philly

Tour of the American, Modern & Contemporary Collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Rebecca Mitchell
Dr. Leslie King-Hammond delivering the keynote address, "Ashe to Amen."







We spent the afternoon touring the Philadelphia Museum of Art collections. On Friday night at the PMA, and then all-day Saturday at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the students attended the symposium, Faith, Identity, and History: Representations of Christianity in Modern and Contemporary African American Artfurther enhancing their knowledge and context for African American Art as explored in our seminar. Dr. Leslie King-Hammond,  delivered the keynote address, “Ashe to Amen: Biblical Imagery and The African American Experience.”

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