Art through the eyes of a child

My daughter with Radcliffe Bailey's "Echo"

Sometimes, I wish I could just get on the floor of the Davis or the Met or MOMA and really look at art, especially the stuff that requires a kind of intense, physical interaction (Think, Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me)…ok, maybe not that intensely.

Last night, I took my four-year-old to the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. The theme was “Georgia on My Mind” in conjunction with the exhibition, Radcliffe Bailey: Memory as Medicine. Sweet tea in mason jars, okra, pulled pork sandwiches, and peach cobbler were on the menu. I went to support the students, but I also knew it would be yet another great event for my daughter.

Museum educators will tell you it’s a joy to see art through the eyes of a child. I was taken aback by my daughter’s immediate impulse to get on the floor to examine the seashell filled with Georgia red clay that Radcliffe added as part of the installation of Echo (2012). Next time you’re in a museum, perhaps you’ll really look at art. Don’t just stand there!

On April 18, I’m giving a talk, “Radcliffe Bailey’s Soundscapes,” at the Collins Cinema in conjunction with the Davis Museum at Wellesley College at 6 p.m.


Checking out Radcliffe Bailey's "Windward Coast" at the Davis Museum

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