Where art, culture and sass meet!

Diving into the world of blogging…

As a busy art historian, mom, and sometimes cook (I don’t always have time for the latter due to the former two), I come to the world of blogging with some trepidation about whether what I have to say will be interesting enough, articulate enough, or frequent enough.  I conduct lots of research on modern and contemporary art, along with a more focused look into black culture in the United States and in the African Diaspora. I am currently art historicizing at Wellesley College. So, you’ll also get my take on living in the greater Boston region (though my heart still resides in South Jersey & Philadelphia). I also like to cook. So, there will be an occasional recipe and rolling commentary on cuisine, especially around the holidays when I have more time. What I promise to my future followers are posts that are sincere, evocative, and entertaining! I’ll learn and grow as I go. I look forward to bringing anyone who is willing along for the ride.

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  1. I am excited for you and this journey! I am so glad that you are at Wellesley. I myself am not a blogger or a blog reader, but since this is a quick down and dirty way to keep up with you…I’m “all in” 🙂 I did take my fam to the Wadsworth Antheneum, I thought of you and your love for museums and art.

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